The company

Refolded Games is the name we chose to establish ourselves as a games development studio. We strive to make unusual games by offering unexpected experiences to the player (mixing of genres, unconventional association of game mechanics, etc).

The company is a team of 2 longstanding french friends who went through the same IT school. Melvin had planned for some time to build his own game development studio and was quickly joined by Rémi, before launching our first real video game project.

We also keep an eye out for opportunities of more general projects or for whatever our passions would tell us.

You can find bellow our 2 active projects.

Never Out Of Time

Never Out Of Time is our main video game project currently in development. It’s a bullet-hell/danmaku type of shoot ’em up, in which the player can control time.

Custom Projection Rendering Toolkit

CPRT is a Unity plugin developed a few years ago and currently available on the Unity marketplace. We keep updating it occasionally depending on user feedback.

This plugin offers multiple tools to help the user with camera management :

  • achieve wide field of view perspective with advanced perspective techniques (up to 160°),
  • use oblique orthographic projections as in classic RPG or strategy games,
  • add Super-Sampling Anti-Aliasing (SSAA),
  • take multisampled high resolution screenshots.

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